Drew Morris

Hi. I’m Drew Morris.

Before getting into my background, I wanted to tell you why I wrote this book. I started my first company more than 30 years ago. At first, it was easy, fun, and we were making money. Then along came powerful buyers, and a lot of competitors, some offshore. And the business design was, well, commodity.

So, I went looking for a more powerful design, and ways to create much higher financial results. After a lot of searching through the business literature, I found myself frustrated that an overall way to improve results had not already been created or practiced. I decided to make one.

The goal was to provide an honest, teachable way to increase results and create prosperous businesses. It also involved assembling, in one place, as much of the available wisdom about boosting results as I could. This book is the result of that effort, over the past 26 years.

Brief Bio

I started what became a mid-size consulting firm and sold it to a public company after serving as its CEO for 22 years.

Next, I founded Great Numbers! LLC, which teaches executives how to find the best ways to increase their results.

In that role, I was invited by Chief Executive to lead a CEO Roundtable on leveraging assets like brands and patents, and to co-create the Wealth Creation Index it published annually from 2008 to 2015.

I earned a PhD in Systems Engineering from what is now NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering, with a concentration in optimization (getting the best-possible outcomes).

My hope is that, with this book, your business will deliver those outcomes.

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