How you can create a prosperous business—by tapping its upside…

Everyone who runs a business wants to deliver better results. And some have to—or else. Yet try as they may, by cutting costs, running sales, and getting publicity, what comes of their efforts often disappoints. Not the best way for them to show how good they are at running that business.

But there is, hiding in plain sight, a powerful new way to boost results…

Every business advertises, which can lead to much higher sales if done just right. Every business sells to customers, who will never buy from anyone else if they’re treated just right. And most businesses can evolve what they offer into the perfect solution to prospects’ problems.

These are 3 of the 13 ways for a business to prosper, by closing the gaps between what the business does now, and what it could do.

Those gaps are where its prosperity is hiding.

This book will take you on a deep exploration of these gaps, the elements of its upside, to discover the few addressable elements that will best boost your results. Then it will help you form them into a Prosperity Design, a specific plan for delivering on that potential.

You’ll need tools to do this. Most chapters come with a set of Tapping Your Upside exploration questions to help you find the all the potential in the upside element it covers for your unique business.

It then takes your answers, and using the downloadable Let’s See tool, helps you figure out the best things you can do to boost your results, and to maximize what your business is worth, given your realities, like capital, scarce resources, and your time.

You’ll find this to be fun, rewarding work, and a big relief from the stress of trying to boost results in the same old ways.

More than that, knowing a repeatable way to boost your results, and getting skilled in using it, could bring you a big career lift.

And if you need to pivot, or rescue, your business, or are just starting one, you can work through chapters 8-15 to decide what to do.

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