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About the columns…

The following seven articles are referred to on page 106 of The Upside Within Reach print edition, and in “The Ad Itself” section of the ebook. They appear here in that order. Most are a single page; one is two.

They’re made available here with the gracious permission of Chief Marketer, the successor organization to the publisher of DIRECT magazine. Please note that this material is copyrighted by DIRECT, and they’ve given us permission to put it on this website, but it’s not to be otherwise shared or sold.

As the original source for the articles could not be found, what follows are the scanned versions of the author’s paper copies. That is, they’re not pristine, but they are certainly worth reading.

Finally, some pages were originally published in a larger size, but all can be legibly printed at letter size.

They are:

  • Nov. ’04—“Too Vague, Too Unpersuasive”
  • Beautiful and unconvincing. July ’06-Mandarin Oriental—“‘So Where’s the Copy?’”
  • Aug. ’06—“Open for Business? Not Quite”
  • Just not clear. May 15 ’05—“Omni Ad Doesn’t Visualize or Address Prospects”
  • Sept. ’06—“Too Cool”
  • June 2007—“Art Wins Over Copy Again”
  • Buried message. Sept. 1, 2005—“New Tylenol product, all but hidden.”

Download the columns.

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