There are two types of downloads here:

  1. The Upside Element Assessment Sheet.
  2. The Ebook Companion (for reading on small screens).

The Upside Element Assessment Sheet

All ebook readers will need  because you’ll need to write in it as you work through the ebook. You can download it in either format; it makes no difference.

The Ebook Companion

For those reading the ebook on a phone or a small tablet, we’ve provided The Ebook Companion. It contains the graphics and tables from the print edition of The Upside Within Reach that might prove difficult to read, or to work with, depending on your device’s screen size and resolution.

If that’s the case, we suggest that you download the Companion and view it on a larger screen, or print it, so that your ebook reading experience is a smooth one.

You can download it here: The Upside Within Reach – Ebook Companion

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