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What’s this book about?

It’s a guidebook for creating a prosperous business. It helps those running it figure out how they can do so.

How do you know that this approach works?

Simply, the approach is about finding all of the upside potential in your business and figuring out the best things to tackle. If you do that, yes, it works.

Two examples:

Our approach to boosting profits and growing revenue determined the fates of two Fortune 200 CEOs. (We didn’t work with either of them; it’s about what they)

  • One used it, and became a hero.
  • The other didn’t, and was replaced.

The whole story, from the book’s introduction, is at theupsidewithinreach.com/two-ceos/.

The second example:

The talented general manager of his company’s $22 million US division worked through the approach with us. He discovered that he could create a new unit in his company whose role was creating more products like his current hits. He didn’t have such a unit and hadn’t thought of doing so.

Together with the other opportunities he uncovered, he estimated that over 3 years, he could get to revenue growth of 44.5% a year, up from 30%; increase profits from $3.2 to $7.7 million; and boost his operating margin from 16 to 23%.

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Will Let's See work with Apple's Numbers spreadsheet, or Google Sheets?

Sadly, no. Neither provides some of the capabilities that Let’s See uses.

How should I report a problem with Let’s See?

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